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Providing restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dental services in Gastonia, North Carolina for over 35 years
Toothbrushes, paste and dental floss

We strive daily to exceed expectations of today’s dentistry. You will find that quality, excellence and your comfort are top priorities for our patients. We take great pride in the quality of care we provide. More importantly, we take great pleasure in providing individualized care for each and every patient we treat.

Our practice is relationship based, as we understand that everyone has different needs and wants. As you help us understand your desires we promise that you will be heard. Your needs and wants shall be addressed and your expectations shall be exceeded.

– Dr. David J. Streng

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Most demanded services

Dental Implants

Missing teeth? Dental implants may be the answer. The implant fixture is placed, so that it is likely to osseointegrate, then a dental prosthetic is added

Oral Wellness

Equipped with the latest diagnostic & treatment technology to provide a a customized oral "wellness" program for each individual

$150 Checkups

Dental exam and routine cleaning with any/all x-rays and photographs included.

Crowns starting at $850, Root Canals at $700

Crowns are used as covers over the afflicted teeth and are attached with a bond, leaving you with a natural, full smile. Root canals treat infected and/or painful teeth.

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Have insurance? Insurance will be filed for you. Fees added for Cash/Debit card at time of visit (Visa/Mastercard add 3%).

Our Happy Patients

Thanks Dr. Streng, for giving me a new smile! You wouldn’t believe all the compliments I have gotten!


Thank you for all the special attention and detail that you provide graciously.


You always make me feel so comfortable. I look forward to my appointments so that I can take a break from my hectic day and finally get to relax a bit with an old friend.


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